Terms and Conditions

The following set of Terms and Conditions apply to all orders which are processed by Sureview Cliffords, whether online or by any other form of contact will form part of the contract between us. Please read these carefully and keep a copy of these should you need them for future reference. Your use of our website is an indication of your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, in the event of any queries, please contact us.


All of the prices shown on this website are inclusive of VAT. In the event of a product or service being listed at a price in error we will not process the order and will instead contact you asap with the correct cost and offer you the option to proceed with the order with the updated price. Orders of such nature will only be processed upon your authorisation.

Delivery Info

During the checkout process you will be asked to select a delivery date that is available and is convenient to you as part of our promise of delivering great customer service. While in the majority of instances our delivery dates and times are accurate, please note that these are not guaranteed and we will not be held responsible for any losses or consequences as a result.

Prices that we quote that the time are subject to stock availability. Upon receipt of the goods, it is your responsibility to check the goods for shortages or damage and to make a note of these as to make ourselves aware of such issues.

If the delivery that you have requested is not competed on the agreed date/time as a result of nobody being available at the delivery address, you may be liable for a secondary delivery charge. If appliance installation services are selected at checkout, please note that this is for domestic use only and is for existing connection points only.

Please do not order food, frozen or otherwise, to be delivered on the same day as the arrival of any refrigeration that you may have purchased as these units will require a period of time to allow the gas to settle inside of them. We always recommend that 24hours is left between the placing of the product (in an upright stationary position) and the switching on of said appliance. Please note Sureview Cliffords will not be held responsible for any damage/loss of food that is incurred as a result of not following these instructions.


Product images, descriptions and specifications are shown as a guidance only, please note actual colours of appliances may vary slightly to those that are displayed on a monitor. Some products will also require setting up or assembly before they can be used, for example Washing Machines will need their transit bolts removing before installation.


Payment for appliances and any corresponding services will be taken at the time that your order is placed with us. No contract is created with Sureview Cliffords until we have accepted your order and confirm as such. We accept payment from most major credit and debit cards. Should you run into a problem processing a payment online please contact us for support.


All brand new appliances that we sell are sold with a Manufacturers' warranty with their own corresponding warranty length unless stated by us at the time. Should you run into a problem during the Guarantee period please get in contact with either the manufacturers or ourselves for advice on how to proceed.

Please note that goods and products sold are for DOMESTIC use only.


At Sureview Cliffords, we strive to offer you both an amazing service while at fantastic prices and we are confident that your expectations will be met or exceeded in this regard. We do accept however, that sometimes unforeseen things can go wrong and everything does not always go to plan. In these instances, if you feel like you need to make us aware of these, would ask you to either report these to us using either the number or email address listed below:

Telephone: 01773 833160

Email: paul@svtv.co.uk

Faulty Products

As mentioned above all products that you purchase will come with a manufacturers' warranty unless stated by us at the time of purchasing. If your product has a fault during this initial warranty period your first contact should be with the manufacturers to arrange for an engineer to look at the product. Should you run into any issues with this product you can call us and we shall aid you in reporting the issue to the manufacturers.


Sureview Cliffords’s liability is limited to the maximum sum paid for the appliance only, we are not liable for any consequential losses such as disconnection/reconnection fees, damages or loss to persons or property, food clothing etc. howsoever caused.

If you require us to enter your property you agree you have adequate insurance for us to do so and no claim against Sureview Cliffords will ever be made in respect to accidental damage to your property.

In the event that we cannot resolve any problem you/we have we may require you to return the item to us at your expense undamaged, any item in question. Generally speaking (unless covered onsite by a manufacturer) if you purchased and collected the item you would be expected to return said item to us should it need repairing.

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice and do not affect your statutory rights.